Should you show
       your Pet

In the past month or so, I have had several people tell me their chinchilla is their pet, they don’t want to show it. My response is usually, why wouldn’t you want to show it?

Granted your pet chinchilla is going to be your pet whether that chinchilla takes Grand Show Champion or receives no award at all. You are not going to love your pet any less. You are not going to care for your pet any less.

But I say why deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy a chinchilla show, to hang out with people who cares about their chinchilla(s( as much as you care for yours. Share a day with like minded individuals. People like you, who realize this chinchilla is something special. They truly are a unique animal, and we love them.

So why deny yourself the opportunity to learn more about your chinchilla. To learn more about keeping them in peak shape and condition. Chinchilla ranchers are great people who want to help you learn.

So be part of your branch show, you will be welcomed! Be part of your branch show because you will
learn a lot. And maybe just maybe your chinchilla will win a ribbon. And how proud would that make you if he or she did win a ribbon. I am pretty darn proud or the ribbons I win, and I know you will be too.

Hope to see you at a local show soon!

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