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Percy and Dave

  Whether you have had chinchillas 3 months or 30 years, you know there is something special about these little chinchillas. They get to you. This is one of those stories. Percy is a standard chinchilla owned by Victoria Rodgers.  Victoria also owns 2 rabbits, but it is the chinchilla (who has more personality) who …

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Chinchillas 101 – Attending a Small Show

Chinchilla Shows I had the opportunity in November to judge a small chinchilla show in Florida. It has been quite a while since I judged a one day show with less than 100 animals in attendance. A smaller local show is a special show, a special opportunity!  Breeders small and large show up to support …

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Flying with Chinchillas

Flying with Chinchillas Official American Rabbit Breeders Association reference guide of airline carriers offering transport for rabbits and cavies. These are suggested recommendations. The American Rabbit Breeders Assn (ARBA) does not have jurisdiction over the way airlines institute airline travel. We can offer suggestions to make your task of flying rabbits and/or cavies less stressful. …

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