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Caring for the New Mom

So you have a pregnant female and you want to try to ensure she gives birth to healthy kits and is healthy herself so she can raise them. Last month we talked about how to care for the pregnant chinchilla – this month we will focus on the new mother and her kit(s). Our experts …

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Caring for the Pregnant Female

There are many reasons to that you find yourself in the position of having a very pregnant chinchilla. “Back in the day” this happened because you were raising chinchillas and were prepared and ready for chinchilla kits. Today, you might adopt a chinchilla, rescue a chinchilla or even be taking care of someone’s chinchilla and …

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Why Belong to Empress?

WHY BELONG TO EMPRESS? By Dick & Mary Jo Bradford WHY? Belong to Empress? For most new chinchilla ranchers the need for education is an admitted requirement. We older chinchilla ranchers have the same need but are less apt to admit it! Through the years we continue to learn, if we are going to succeed. …

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