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Become an Empress Member

Are you ready to be part of the finest...Are you ready to be part of Empress? You can obtain the Empress Membership Application in PDF format below (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above), or submit payment using the PayPal buttons below. All new memberships paid through PayPal must still complete and mail in a membership application. You may also register a ranch brand, or buy a breeder listing in the magazine, on the website or both.

New Membership

If you are applying for a new membership, please be sure to fill out the application form, sign it, and mail or email it to the Empress National Office. Your application will not be completed until the signed application form is received by the national office. You can download the application form from this link MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. If you do not have an adobe reader, you can dowload one for free from this website http://get.adobe.com/reader/. If you are uncomfortable with downloading from the adobe website, you can download the application as a word document from HERE. If you have any trouble downloading these files, please contact the national office at empresschinchilla@gmail.com

Application and Payment

If you are a new member, make sure you purchase a brand as well as your membership! For convenience, paypal buttons will be coming soon to include payment for a brand with your membership. All memberships includes a monthly emailed PDF version of our magazine "The Breeder" unless specified as "+ HC Mag" which is an option that includes a monthly hard copy of the magazine. Each member with online Breeder magazines will still receive the June copy with show results as a hard copy in the mail. These new options are being applied in the interest of keeping costs to a minimum for our membership so that all chinchilla breeders and enthusiasts can benefit from a cost effective membership.

Introductory Membership $25
Commercial Membership $45
Commercial+Brand $50

Associate Membership $15

Commercial + HC Mag $75

4-H + Brand $30

If you already have a membership or just need to register a brand, you may purchase JUST the brand below.

Brand $5.00



Advertising through Empress is a great way to get your name into the chinchilla community. Advertising works as a donation to the national office while promoting your ranch or business. Please take a moment to look through the selection below. Advertising can be purchased at any time during the year, though for simplicity, it is best to purchase during renewal or application. For those renewing memberships, we encourage you to scroll further down this page for the renewal section. We have included some packaged invoices for an easier check out experience. Please keep in mind that each button will direct you to a separate invoice. Make your selection based on the descriptions above the paypal buttons.

Below are five options for monthly advertisements in The Breeder publication. The Breeder is the monthly magazine that is published and sent out by the national office.

Full Page (color) $100
Full Page (B&W) $50
1/2 page $40
1/4 page $30
1/8 page $15

Below are options for advertising in the breeder directory for the magazine and options for advertising on this website. While we encourage membership for advertising, you do not need to be a member of Empress to advertise through our magazine or through this website.

Magazine $18/yr
Website $12/yr
Website $3/month

Membership Renewal

This section is for our returning members. Welcome back! Below are some easy options for renewing your membership through ECBC using paypal. We have separated the listings into options that will simplify your checkout experience. Whether you just want to renew your membership or if you want to add some advertising, here is where you will find it! The ad packages are advertisement packages. These packages include your yearly dues and advertising in the Breeder magazine and advertising through this website at a discounted price.

Commercial $45
4-H $25
Commercial + HC Magazine $75
Associate $15

Commercial ad package $70

4-H ad package $50

Commercial (HC) ad package $100

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