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Member Services

Empress Chinchilla offers many services for members to help them learn, grow and be active in the chinchilla industry.

Local Branches - A place for members to meet with other owners/breeders in their area, to network and to learn from the experienced breeders and ranchers.
Live Animal Shows - A venue where breeders can bring their best and have them judged against the best of other breeders to guage how their breeding program is progressing. Of course, we also have a LOT of fun at shows!
Ranch Certification - To evidence the fact that you care for your animals in a humane way.
Animal Registry Program - Animals receiving 1st place or higher at an Empress Sanctioned Show qualify to be registered in this program.
Member Supplies - You have the ability to purchase supplies at reduced member rates.
Breeder Directory - A listing for other breeders and ranchers to find you to buy your animals and/or supplies and services.
Advertisements - A place to advertise your animals and services to other members of Empress and the chinchilla community.


Ranch Certification Program

ECBC’s Chinchilla Welfare Humane Care Award of Merit Certification Program was the first formalized humane care certification program for chinchillas in U.S. agriculture; in conjunction with the Canadian chinchilla association under the auspices of the Chinchilla Industry Council (CIC). The Award of Merit certification seal is awarded to chinchilla ranches which meet the criteria set forth by the CIC in its “Standard Guidelines For The Operation of Chinchilla Ranches”.

After inspection by an independent, licensed veterinarian to verify compliance with the Standard Guidelines, ranches which are certified are authorized to use the Award of Merit certification seal until the next mandatory reinspection.

The Award of Merit seal is an honor for commitment to humane treatment in all aspects of chinchilla ranching:

  • Vigilant attention to nutritional needs
  • Clean, safe and appropriate housing
  • Prompt veterinary care
  • Consideration for the animal’s disposition and reproductive needs
  • Elimination of outside stress
  • Sound environmental management of all operations and facilities

ECBC believes strongly in the importance of our certification program and encourages every rancher to certify their ranch today.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply contact the National Office at any time by email, phoning or faxing.  You will be sent out a copy of the Standard Guidelines. Provide the National Office with the name of your veterinarian and the office will send a form to the veterinarian and a letter to you so you can make an appointment with their office convenient for the certification inspection.

Empress Quality Registration

Upon great demand, Empress Quality Registration is available! The demand for pedigreed stock is increasing as small herd owners are finding the importance of knowing the background of their animals, and even more important, is the verification that the animal they own, or are looking to purchase, is of good quality, by someone other than the individual they are buying from.

WHAT IS EMPRESS QUALITY REGISTRATION? In “Phase 1”, it is an animal that has been judged to be of first place quality, or better, by two ECBC Sanctioned judges at an ECBC event/function. This event/function may be a sanctioned show, branch show/field day, or a special meeting, as long as it is advertised 30 days in advance in the Empress magazine, and judged by two ECBC Sanctioned judges. You can see, much thought has been given in providing safeguards for the integrity of this system. All Empress Chinchilla Breeders are eligible to register animals.

When determined an animal is worthy of registration, fee of $5, the animal is ear tagged with a special Empress registry tag. A certificate is completed and sent to the ECBC National office for recording and application of the seal, and then returned to the owner of the animal. When/if the animal is sold, the new owner may transfer the registration to his name by paying the transfer/recording fee of $15, to the ECBC National Office.

The registration and transfer fees are commensurate with those charged by AKC and similar registration functions. The AKC registration “is not a mark of quality”. In other words, the animal is only the offspring of two registered parents. The Empress Quality Registry is a “progressive” quality registration system that is presently in “PHASE 1“. It is established with the mechanics that will allow the ECBC National Board of Directors, when they determine it appropriate, to move forward to “PHASE 2”. This phase requires at least one of the candidate’s parents to have been registered, along with the requirement for it to also be judged of first place quality or better, by two ECBC Sanctioned judges. Later, as determined by the Board of Directors, “PHASE 3” would be implemented, and both parents of a prospective candidate for registration, would have to have been registered, and the candidate judged of first place quality or better.

As you see, this is a progressive, quality registry program that Empress is making available as another of their efforts to “IMPROVE THE BREED” of the Chinchilla animal.

As a rancher who has stock for sale, this system allows you to assure your customers of an animal’s quality. As a purchaser, it gives you the confidence that someone, other than the seller, has verified the animal you are buying is “first place quality, or better”.

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