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On this page you will find the current products offered for sale by the Empress National Office. Where postage is included, it will be noted above the paypal button. These items may be purchased at any time. These items are not for resale. For items that have a member/non-member option, you must provide your empress number at checkout in the comments section in order to receive your order for the membership price.

Empress Crest Pin/Tie Tack

24K gold electroplated. Our Empress crest has been beautifully crafted into a pin that can be worn at any event to show your support for Empress!

$5.00 (includes Shipping and Handling)

Gold Chinchilla Jewelry Pendant or Pin

Your choice chinchilla jewelry! This chinchilla is adorably crafted into a sitting position. This piece can be bought as a pin or pendant. Give your outfit some personality by pinning this beautiful little guy to it or accesorize with the pendant on a small chain!

$12.00 (includes Shipping and Handling)

Charcoal Chinchilla Drawing Notecards

This beautiful charcoal drawing of two chinchillas is available on a white (90#) card. The card measures 4 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches and is blank on the other side.

For 8 cards with envelopes: $11.00 (includes Shipping and Handling)

9" X 12" Empress Member Sign

This artfully crafted sign is a great way to advertise your membership with Empress! Place it in a conspicuous area or in your chinchilla barn. Vibrant gold, blue and white make this sign an eye catching piece!


$1.50 (includes Shipping and Handling)

Fur Production Handbook

A must have publication for the chinchilla fur producer. A historical account as well as a step by step guide to pelt production.

Table of Contents:

History of Pelt Marketing

Quality Characteristics-Animal & Pelt

Factors Related to Pelters

Pelt Handling

Member Price:$6.00 (includes Shipping and Handling)

Non-Member Price: $8.00 (includes Shipping and Handling)

"member", "non-member"


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