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Empress Chinchilla has recently started making shows viewable to those of you at home. Since this is by no means a simple procedure and it does cost the shows money to record and stream them, we charge a small fee for viewing. Once you purchase viewership, you will be sent an email by the national office granting you access to the video. Below you will also find a compilation of free educational videos made by some of our members. It is important to note that this is NOT a replacement for medical attention from a veterinarian. These are tried and true procedures used by reputable ranchers and breeders. We hope you find them useful!

How to Handfeed a Baby Chinchilla

For most large breeders, hand feeding is not a feasible option with so many kits born a year. For the hobbyist or small breeder however, it is a helpful tool to help that one kit survive and increase your production numbers for the year. Here is a video showing handfeeding for a kit. It is important to note that the syringe is not inside the kit's mouth, but drops of formula are placed on the kit's lips. Chinchillas are very prone to aspirating so it is important to keep control and not force the formula into their mouths.

For the formula used in this video, it is simply goat's milk. You can purchase goat's milk from any grocery store in powdered form, condensed form in a can and also fresh in the regular milk section. Some people add a small amount of baby rice cereal to the formula mix, but it is not necessary to help the kits grow.


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