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In Memory Of
Willis D. Parker

   Willis D. Parker, born 1908 in Santa Barbara County, California, dedicated his entire adult life to the development of the Chinchilla Industry.  He was a firm and resolute believer in the industry.  He worked hard and long hours pioneering with the late Mathias Chapman and his son, Reginald Chapman, and with many other old-time friends, right up to the day he passed away in August 1981.

Willis Parker was an inspiration and helpful friend to many.  The abundance of knowledge he conveyed to anyone interested in the Chinchilla Industry as lecturer, author of several Chinchilla books, publisher of his treasured Chinchilla World Trade Journal, a monthly work since 1948, has earned him a world of recognition in North America, South America, Europe and Africa.
To have known the real Bill Parker, was to respect him with honor and admiration.

Willis D. Parker Memorial Trophy


established 1983 (retired in 2003)

awarded at ECBC National shows for

Best Five Matched
Standard Live Animals

1983 - Marvin Shields  1990 - Bowen / Anza  1997 - Ralph Shoots
 1984 - Richard Bradford  1991 - Jim Restuccio  1998 - Dan Harris
 1985 - Richard Bradford  1992 - PSK Chinchilla  1999 - Whitewoods
 1986 - Richard Bradford  1993 - Whitewoods  2000 - Whitewoods
 1987 - Ralph Shoots  1994 - Whitewoods  2001 - Ralph Shoots
 1988 - Ralph Shoots  1995 - Dan Harris  2002 - Bowen Chinchilla
 1989 - Richard Bradford  1996 - Whitewoods  

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