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Recognizing Fur Patterns

Fur Patterns are something that we saw a lot of 30 + years ago. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What is a fur pattern? A fur pattern is a disturbance in the smooth flow of the fur. As a judge, when we talk about good texture, we are talking about the look of …

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60 Years of Improvement

When evaluating how far we have come in the chinchilla industry, it is important to see where we started. Thanks to Pete Kiseskey, this opportunity presented itself to me recently. Pete was contacted by a lady from Ohio who was liquidating her parent’s, home and property. Six pelts were found in the freezer. These are …

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Chinchilla dental disease

As reported by Dr. Christoph Mans from the 2014 Empress Annual meeting in Barneveld, WI At the 2014 Annual Meeting we had a good fortune of having Dr. Christoph Mans present to us on his research with chinchillas and dental disease. His work is fascinating. Dr. Mans works at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. …

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