Author: Cornellia Kern

Judging Angoras

The Board of Directors has adopted a standard for judging Angora chinchillas. Because Tamara Tucker has been developing this mutation for many many years and she has the most experience working with them, her knowledge was vital in developing this judging standard.  All judges should make themselves aware of this standard as more angoras are …

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History Making National Show

It truly was a special ECBC National Show for Marianne Sansouci, Empress member from the State of Maine, maybe one she will remember forever!  In June of 2014 the Empress Board of Directors recognized that we are seeing more new mutations, and that our show system needed a way to allow new mutations to be …

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Saving Babies

by Maxine Lynch I Recently saw a discussion on Facebook that surprised me. Someone had lost a mother chinchilla and had babies to foster or feed. Since they had no other lactating female they decided to try hand feeding them but were discouraged because they had not had much luck in the past saving the …

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