Chinchilla of yesterday were small wedge-shaped loosely furred animals. Today’s chinchilla is a large, robust, densely furred animal with bright eyes. Empress Shows have played a role in this progress. The men and women in our Hall of fame (below) have also played a huge role in this progress.

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Chinchilla Breeder Hall of Fame

Chinchilla Breeder Hall of Fame

The Chinchilla Breeder Hall of Fame was established in 1988
by the Empress National Board of Directors
to honor those individuals who have made major contributions
and /or extra ordinary achievements in the Chinchilla Industry.
  • November 1988

    Mathias Chapman
    Reginald Chapman
    Loyd Sullivan
    Bill Poley
  • November 1989

    Willis D. and Maria Parker
    Al and Alice Kline
    Robert Gunning
  • November 1990

    Ramon Somavia
    Harold Anderson
  • March 1991

    Dr. James Lauridsen
  • November 1991

    William George
    Stanley W. Pangborn
    Gail Sanden
  • November 1994

    Dick and Mary Jo Bradford
    Ralph and Barbara Shoots
  • November 1995

    Edgar Hykes
  • March 1997

    Willis & Maria Parker
    Nat Berkowitz
  • March 1998

    The Bowen Family
    Ed, Marge, Bud and Joan
  • November 1998

    C.J. Trimble
  • January 1999

    Chapin Hand
  • March 2000

    Vin Somavia
  • March 2000

    Dale Look
  • November 2001

    Ellis Adcock
  • March 2002

    Gary and Margot Neubauer
  • November 2002

    Jim Ritterspach
  • November 2004

    Dan and Ann Harris
  • March 2005

    Pete and Sue Kiseskey
  • November 2005

    William (Bill) and Rita Booker
  • March 2006

    Dave and Chris Woods
    Bill and Sylvia Edstrom
  • March 2007

    Dr. Beth Ann Connell
    Brent Poley - Canchilla
  • March 2008

    Hector Aleandri
  • March 2016

    Maxine Lynch

ECBC Hall of Champions

March 13, 1954 was the date of the 1st National Chinchilla Show.  It was sponsored by the National Chinchilla Breeders of America (NCBA) and held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The NCBA system of sanctioned shows was designed to focus attention upon the fur quality of superior breeding stock while at the same time affording a peak occasion for Chinchilla breeders to convene from all sections of the country for a free exchange of ideas and personal good will.  The year before, the Branches had started local shows.

At that time the Farmers Chinchilla Cooperative of America, Inc. (FCCA) was the marketing organization for the ranchers.  1954 was also the time of the first offering of ranch raised Chinchilla pelts to the fur market.  In 1952 a contest had been conducted with the membership at which time the trade name for FCCA was chosen to market Chinchilla pelts in the future. “Empress Chinchilla” was chosen becoming synonymous with Quality Chinchilla from that point on.

In 1964 NCBA and FCCA merged their organizations and in 1965 changed the name to Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative, Inc. (ECBC)

Click a link in the list below to see more information about that trophy or award, and a complete list of winners of all National Shows since 1954 for that trophy or award.  It is remarkable to see the history of our organization.