Location: San Joaquin Valley, California

Registered 501(c)(3) sanctuary for exotic animals

Owner: Jennifer Perez, however Amber Gold of Let’s Love Chinchillas, runs the Chinchilla portion of the sanctuary.

Welcome to Cali_FID Parrot and Exotic Rescue! Cali_FID Parrot & Exotics Rescue sanctuary is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) federally recognized organization, licensed by the State of California, promoting rescue, sanctuary, rehabilitation, educational outreach, and conservation for all exotic animals.

We are staffed by devoted, knowledgeable and experienced volunteers, with assistance from the facility veterinarian Brandon Barrett, DVM.

Our Mission is to improve the standard of care and hospitality for all exotic animals through education, rehabilitation and adoption, and providing sanctuary for animals that are unable to live as pets.

Our Goal is to improve the mental and physical health of each animal that comes to our facility. Assessing their needs and assisting them to live as fulfilling a life as they are able, whether they go in to foster care, an adoptive home, or remain in the sanctuary.

We currently have several exotic animals for adoption, including parrots, turtles, snakes, lizards and more.

About Us In 1998, while volunteering for dog and cat rescues and the county animal shelter, Jennifer Perez realized the need for a specialized parrot and exotic animal rescue so she began the informal start to the Cali_FID Parrot & Exotic Rescue Sanctuary.

Being a parrot owner herself, and having raised children who loved reptiles, Jennifer began taking in these beautiful creatures.

The name Cali_FID is shorthand for California Feathered Kids, and the term “FID” is the common nickname parrot owners have given their birds.

Since caring for any animal is a multiperson task, Jennifer sought out a local veterinarian who specializes in non-domestic animals and came across the door step of Turlock, California veterinarian Brandon Barrett, DVM. Dr. Barrett is a kind-hearted fellow who shares Jennifer’s passion and interest in exotic animals and the complexities of their care. Consequently, the two have become the “go-to” people for any exotics collected by local animal control officers in the surrounding area.

As time moved forward to the present, Cali_FID has become incorporated and received 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the federal government. Cali_FID was the first 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for exotic species rescue to open in the San Joaquin Valley.

We partner with Petco, local veterinarians, Exotic Animal Club for Kids, CV Herp Society, Sac. Turtle & Torrtoise Club, Wildlife Rehabers, Educators, and other Rescue organizations to bring animals to schools, childrens clubs, city fairs, special events and some very special birthday parties.


For more information on us and the animals we have up for adoption, please visit our website at


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