So you have a pregnant female and you want to try to ensure she gives birth to healthy kits and is healthy herself so she can raise them. Last month we talked about how to care for the pregnant chinchilla – this month we will focus on the new mother and her kit(s).

Our experts gave some great responses as well. Follow with this article by reading their tried and true practices beginning on page 11.

It is important to mention that the first necessary thing is to ensure good quality pellets and good water. Sometimes we take water for granted, but it is important to ensure your water quality is good – but this is better talked about in another article.
The mothers cage should have NO opening larger than ½ inch, any larger, the kits will get out and may not be found.

If the kits are getting the milk they need within an hour they are active and up and running around. So as you peek in to see how they are doing, they should either be nursing under Mom or running about the cage. If any kit is alone in a corner, or the kits are squabbling – someone is not getting milk. While most kits are born with no issues, occasionally, a mother will not have enough milk or will not be able to nurse a litter of 3 or 4. For this reason it is important to check on the babies.

There are large producers who give nothing extra for feed to the nursing mother, and there are other…

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