There are many reasons to that you find yourself in the
position of having a very pregnant chinchilla. “Back in the
day” this happened because you were raising chinchillas
and were prepared and ready for chinchilla kits. Today,
you might adopt a chinchilla, rescue a chinchilla or even be
taking care of someone’s chinchilla and realize oops, this
chinchilla seems pregnant.
In an ideal world, the pregnant chinchilla has had the best
of feed and hay with plenty of good water and care during
the pregnancy. In an ideal world, the chinchilla has one
or two babies and is able to take very good care of them and
they thrive.

But things are not always ideal, so let’s discuss the
proper care for a pregnant chinchilla and next month we will have an article on caring for the new mom and kits.

I have found that a first time mother ‘s nipples start turning pink very shortly after she is bred. If you live near an experienced rancher and they are able to palpate for babies for you, that is the best why to tell if the female is pregnant, and potentially how many babies they feel. CAUTION-palpating a female should ONLY be done by an experienced person.

If your female is with a male, you should assume she will be pregnant soon. Therefore it is time to feed the best diet you can. A pellet that is 16-18% protein is good. The pellet should be free of all mold and smell fresh. A good quality
hay should be made available. Again, smelling fresh and free of mold.

It is important to consider what types of treats the animal
is getting…

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