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Changes have been made to the show system.

Standard show At the 3rd quarter board meeting the topic of improving the standard show was addressed. After much input and members suggestions, the following changes were implemented. The ten class show remains in effect, except that there could now potentially be 2 class champions, A JR Champion and a SR Champion. Animals between the …

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Chinchilla Rescue and Breeder in Colorado

Cuddle Bug Chinchillas is a rescue and breeding operation in the Denver metro area of Colorado.  Run by Cornellia Kern and her son Stephan, many chinchillas find a loving home there.  Whether you are looking to adopt a rescue animal or a pedigreed one for pet or show, they are worth a look.  Click the …

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Responsible Breeder

WCSH6 An adoptable chinchilla at the Maine Chinchilla Shelter enjoys a snack. AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER)– The Maine Chinchilla Shelter, located in Augusta, is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing the animals with well educated adopters. Marianne Sansouci started the shelter out of her home after falling in love with chinchillas in 2009. “My daughter’s …

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