Cuddle Bug Chinchillas began about 15 years ago with one pet chinchilla. We began rescuing for about 12 years ago when people started contacting us because they did not know of anywhere else that they could take their pet when they could no longer keep them. Initially, it was only 2 or 3 chins a year. In 2015 we took in 44 chinchillas and adopted out 34. In 2016 the numbers were 60 and 47, respectively. 2017 had 41 intakes and 37 adoptions. So far this year we have taken in 40 rescues and have re-homed about that same number. We currently have 25 rescues in our care. The rescue is run by myself and my son Stephan with the help of my son Andy. A year ago, we were inspected by PACFA and are now licensed through them.

All rescues stay a minimum of 30 days so we can evaluate their health and behavior. Females that have had any contact with a male are kept for 4 months to be sure that they are not pregnant, longer if they are. The babies are weaned at 8 weeks but kept an additional month to make sure that they are doing good on their own. The babies of rescues are adopted out as rescues. No rescue is ever used for breeding since we have no idea of its genetic background. We have had, however, several females come in that were already pregnant. We also do not adopt out rescues of opposite genders to the same household. This is to ensure that they are not used for breeding.

We accept all chins, regardless of age, illness and injury. All rescues get the medical care they need. We care for the rescues the same way we do the breeding/show herd. Every last one of them gets only the best. Any profit from the show herd helps to pay for the care of the rescues. We also accept donations of cages, supplies and money. Every little bit helps to keep the rescue running. Our current goal is to raise money to replace about half of our cages with brand new cages. This will, of course, give the chinchillas better cages but will also allow us to add a few more so we have more room for the rescues. We are also working to increase our vet fund.

Many of our rescues come from people who were told that they had to have two and that they needed to be male and female so they won’t fight. An equal number are from people who thought they would try their hand at breeding with little or no knowledge of how to go about it. Other reasons for surrendering include vet bills, landlords demanding the owners re-home the the animal or be evicted, allergies, moving and not being aware of the need to keep them from overheating. Lastly, many people have no idea how long chinchillas can live. A lot of these issues could be avoided if people would just do some research. It would also help if there were not so many books and websites available that have bad information.

I have noticed that there are many “rescues” out there that should be avoided. A lot of them are just people collecting animals for free or at a really low price. These people often do not know how to care for them properly. Often, the animals in their care are used for breeding. Many times, the “rescue” is just a hoarder and has far too many animals. I have posted a page on the Denver area Craig’s List to inform people of the thing to look for when they surrender their chinchilla to a rescue.

Cuddle Bug Chinchillas is owned by Cornellia & Shephan Kern in Aurora, Colorado.  If you want to help their chinchillas check out the wish list below.

Cuddle Bug Chinchillas WISH LIST

Cages (our favorite is the Quality Cage Crafter’s Chinchilla Condo)
Donations to the vet care fund
Donations to the cage fund – we need to replace about half the cages. This will give us more room for more rescues.

We currently have Go Fund Me campaign.  If you wish to donate look for us there.

If you are interested in adopting or need to surrender you pet, please contact us at either of the following:

720-460-1738 (text is best)

For more information, visit our website at


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