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Events | Empress Chinchilla

What is a Chinchilla Show?

Chinchilla shows are events which are held to allow chinchilla breeders and owners to come together and show off the most beautiful animals that each has bred over the last year. The chinchillas are placed in small show cages and sorted by color. One class is judged at a time and standard gray chinchillas (the natural, wild color) are split into smaller groups called classes. The other colors are referred to as mutations and are judged one color at a time. Most colors also have subcategories that are hybrids of the base color and a second color. An example of this is a brown velvet or TOV beige which is a beige/black velvet cross. As each class is judged multiple first through fifth place awards are given. All first place chinchillas go on to compete for class champion and reserve class champion. Class champions move on to compete for grand show champion and reserve grand show champion. Judging is based on each chinchilla’s qualities with the chinchilla coming closest to the ideal winning grand show champion. Breeders are also awarded points for each of their animals based on how their chinchillas place. The points are totaled. First through fifth place breeders awards are given based on the point totals.

One does not need to be a breeder to show a chinchilla. All owners are welcome and the chinchilla does not need to pedigreed. As long as the animal is healthy and the owner has an idea of its age, every chinchilla is welcome.

Come join the camaraderie, fun and competition!

Below is a list of upcoming shows and events.  Just click on the titles for more information.  We hope to see you there!


Details of Shows and Events

Are you ready to be part of the finest...Are you ready to be part of Empress? Have a look through our breeder directory to find a breeder near you. For new breeders, we encourage you to also look through the Empress Judges page.

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