Fur Chewing has been problematic since as long as chinchillas have been being raised. In the early days it greatly
effected the price of a pelt and made that  animal worthless. Many studies were conducted to try to determine the
cause of fur chew.  Feeds were tested, the animals nutritional needs, or lack thereof. It was determined that most animals that fur chew are more nervous than others and so this has been the most plausible reason for chewing.

Occasionally, pregnant females chew while pregnant or chew/lick their young but never chew again. Some animals chew their cage mate and never themselves.  Others chew themselves but not any other animal.

It is very perplexing. Because the animal has no value on the pelting operation, the ranchers who raise animals for pelts have nearly eliminated fur chewing,  as the animals are never bred. After generations of not breeding fur chewers, this has been an effective remedy. Genetically, it has removed fur chewing from the gene pool.

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