Posh Pets

We at Empress realize the need for better information on caring for chinchillas as pets.  Often, the articles directed at breeders do not address the issues pet owners have or provide the information they need.  Additionally, there exists a plethora of misinformation on the web and in print form. Posh Pets is our effort to help with this problem.

Empress also has classes on chinchilla care.  For more information on classes currently offered click here.

For those of you wishing to adopt a rescue animal or surrender a pet you cannot keep click on the following links to find the rescue nearest to you.

Cali_FID Parrot & Exotic Rescue Sanctuary

Cuddle Bug Chinchillas

NWI Chinchilla Rescue

Maine Chinchilla Shelter

Minnie’s Chinchillas

Below is a list of links to articles on the care of pet chinchillas.

Thinking about a Chinchilla as a Pet?

Chinchilla Care

Chinchillas Chew…. Everything

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Articles about Rescues and Rescuing

About Rescues

Keeping Chinchillas Out of Shelters

Meet Tux

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