by Maxine Lynch

I Recently saw a discussion on Facebook that surprised me. Someone had lost a mother chinchilla and had babies to foster or feed. Since they had no other lactating female they decided to try hand feeding them but were discouraged because they had not had much luck in the past saving the babies. Their past survival rate was well under 50%. Many of the responders on Facebook agreed that the survival rate was very low.
I was surprised because in my years of fostering and hand feeding babies I found the opposite to be true. The first and best choice is always having a lactating accepting mom to foster the babies to. I realize this is not always possible with smaller herds so the next best method is hand feeding the babies. I think there are a few key components to success with hand feeding.

1. Good milk recipe
2. Knowing how to properly feed the baby
3. Keeping the baby warm
4. Adult / baby interaction
5. Stimulating urination……..

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