Flying with Chinchillas Official American Rabbit Breeders Association reference guide of airline carriers offering transport for rabbits and cavies. These are suggested recommendations. The American Rabbit Breeders Assn (ARBA) does not have jurisdiction over the way airlines institute airline travel. We can offer suggestions to make your task of flying rabbits and/or cavies less stressful. The ARBA Airline Committee is working currently with IATA (International Air Transport Association) toward regulation changes in rabbits and cavies kennel requirements for flight.

Review the rules of the airline you will be traveling with. Don’t take the word of a friend: instead talk to the airline representatives themselves. If you can talk to your local airport – even better. Take down the name of the representative you talked with.

Use a light absorbent material, like a puppy pad , in the carrier bottoms. These are easier and cleaner than shavings. The added benefit is that they weigh less than shavings.

Remember you must make your reservations for your animals ahead of time – either as excess baggage, or as cargo. Cargo charges by the pound, so it may be more cost effective and you may be able to send more animals.

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