Chinchilla Shows

I had the opportunity in November to judge a small chinchilla show in Florida. It has been quite a while since I judged a one day show with less than 100 animals in attendance.

A smaller local show is a special show, a special opportunity!  Breeders small and large show up to support the hobby they love, to visit with other like minded hobbyists, to exchange stories, and of course to see the new crop of young chinchillas.

This is chinchilla breeding at it’s best. People helping each other, opening show cages for each other, showing the “newby” how to complete the forms, loaning combs and equipment to each other. Coming together to help set up, compete, tear down equipment, and sweep the show hall before it’s time to leave and part ways until the next show.
If you do not participate in this ritual, you have missed out on a very special time…

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