Whether you have had chinchillas 3 months or 30 years, you know there is something special about these little chinchillas. They get to you. This is one of those stories.

Percy is a standard chinchilla owned by Victoria Rodgers.  Victoria also owns 2 rabbits, but it is the chinchilla (who has more personality) who captured the heart of Dave.  In July 2015 Victoria was going on vacation. Since her grandfather Dave was well aware of how to care for animals, Victoria begged her Grandfather, to care for the animals. Dave agreed. Percy was set up in his cage in Dave’s basement, the rabbits outside in a shed.
Dave felt kinda bad for Percy, all alone in the basement, with no company. Several times a day, Dave would go
down to the basement and sit with Percy. Before very long, Dave was feeding Percy his pellets one at a time,
throughout the day. Percy being a smart young chinchilla learned quite quickly that Dave came visiting often and
each time brought treats, in the form of pellets. Percy quickly learn to come running to the front of the cage as
Dave came down the basement steps. Percy even got so friendly as to let Dave stick his finger in the cage and
scratch his belly…

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