Changes have been made to the show system.

Standard show

At the 3rd quarter board meeting the topic of
improving the standard show was addressed.
After much input and members suggestions,
the following changes were implemented.
The ten class show remains in effect, except that there could now potentially be 2 class champions, A JR Champion and a SR Champion. Animals between the age of 4.5 months and 7 months will be considered juniors and as an example, will compete as class 1 Junior Champion the older animals will compete for Class 1 Senior Champion. If an animal receives a first place ribbon, they will be moved to class champion only if their quality warrants a class champion or reserve.

To be consistent with the new mutation show rules, class champions will be awarded rosettes only and not trophies.

Mutation show

One of the most regular comments received in the National Office is that “I don’t show because the system is geared to the big rancher, I don’t stand a chance, so why bother.”

This philosophy is of concern because we know that people who show, achieve greater success in herd improvement.

The board of directors took this statement into consideration. Researching show results, shows that most of the top awards do in fact go to larger ranchers, leaving many smaller and beginning ranchers feeling defeated.

The discussions identified several areas that needed to be improved in the mutation show rules;
▪ Have a show system that reflects how mutations are being bred
▪ Provide a means for encouraging new developing mutations
▪ Establish a system that allows a person to specialize in a specific color without having to breed all colors
▪ Increase awards to recognize quality in all colors being raised
▪ Keep the show system affordable for the hosting branch
▪ The integrity of the system must be maintained
▪ The integrity of quality animals receiving awards must be maintained

So the work began to address these issues. The directors have come up with a system that they believe addresses all the important issues. The system is outlined here but will also be presented in detail at the annual meeting, so please select a delegate who with be able to bring the information back to the branch.

The basis of the new mutation show allows for more Class and Reserve Class Champions. However champions will not be awarded just because the animal received a first place and there is no other first place animal in the class. There will be in depth training at the Annual Meeting Judges Seminar so all judges understand and agree on the quality needed to receive a Class Champion award.

The Mutation Show will be judged in the following order with the following possible Class Champions;
White with dark ears
White with Light Ears
TOV Sapphire
Sapphire Wrap
Blue Diamond
TOV Violet
Violet Wrap
Homo Beige
TOV Beige
Beige Wrap
Hetro Ebony
Homo Ebony
TOV Ebony
Black Velvet

Class Champion and Reserves will be awarded rosettes.

Breeder points will be calculated as follows;

5th 1
4th 2
3rd 3
2nd 4
1st 5
3rd best of class 6
Res Class Champion 7
Class Champion 8
3rd Best of Show 9
Res Grand Show 10
Grand Show 11

We believe this allows the smaller rancher to specialize in the color they choose. At the National Show we will continue to award a breeder award in each color class to recognize those individuals who specialize in specific colors. That award is given to the breeder with the top 5 scoring animals in a color class.

The overall breeder awards will still be given to the breeder with the highest score of 20 animals.

Our goal is to encourage the smaller breeder to bring animals to the show and compete in the color sections they choose to concentrate on. We recognize that not all breeders can produce 20 top quality animals each year.

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