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This month our guest experienced ranchers are;
Ann Harris, So. Minnesota, with 53 years of experience.logo
JoAnne Craner, Idaho, with 53 years of experience.
Tamara Tucker, Texas, 23 years of experience.

We thought mating was an important topic and asked our experts the following questions;

At what age do you place young males and females into breeding?
Ann: 6 months

Tamara: I start my females at 8 months. The males will range from 8 – 12 months. I have had males breed quicker,
by waiting a few extra months.

JoAnne: We like to wait until our young males are at least a year old. They are often older if they have been to show,
so some of this depends on when they were born and how their age correlates with show season. We usually feel that
it is more important to get an animal into breeding than it is to win a ribbon. We start checking our young females for
breeding at around six months. Rather than age being the determining factor we will check on her size and develop-
ment. If she is small and cycling we may hold her out for a bit and let her grow some more as we don’t want her bred
if she is too small.

How long do you wait before you take a male or female out of a run if they have not bred the first time?

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