Very similar to many owners of purebred animals,
some chinchilla pet owners want proof that the animal they purchased is a quality animal so they ask for a pedigree.

This is a great start except that a pedigree is no assurance of quality. A pedigree simply states the parents and grandparents of an animal and tells you what the brand is of it’s ancestors. The brand tells you the breeder of the animals in your animals pedigree. It is a good thing to have, especially if the animal colors are adding to the pedigree, and if there is a chance you may want to breed that animal.

But pedigree is not a measurement of quality and should not be mistaken as such.

So what is a new chinchilla owner to do? If you want a puppy, you go to a reputable breeder and purchase an AKC registered puppy. Same concept for horses,cattle, goats and rabbits.

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