Robert Gunning Trophy

The Robert Gunning Trophy was established by Empress Chinchilla in 1991 to honor the work Robert gunning
did in the development of the black chinchilla. The Robert Gunning Trophy is awarded at the national Show
to the rancher whose ten animals entered in the Black Velvet color section achieve the highest number of
breeder points. This trophy is held in the National Office.

1991 Jim Maddux 1992 Vin Somavia 1993 Jim Maddux
1994 PSK Ranch 1995 Hank McClenahan 1996 Ralph Shoots
1997 Ralph Shoots 1998 Ryerson Chinchilla 2001 PSK Ranch
2002 Tie Bowen’s Chinchilla Vin Somavia 2003 Vin Somavia
2004 Vin Somavia 2005 Diamond Blue 2006 Ralph Shoots
2007 Ralph Shoots 2009 Ryerson Chinchilla 2010 Ryerson Chinchilla
2011 Joe Brown 2012 Shahna Thomas 2013 La Paloma
2014 La Paloma 2015
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