social-mediaAt the National Directors summer board meeting, one of the hot topics that came up was the trash talk seen on many Facebook sites these days.

People being called all sorts of names, others proudly proclaiming themselves as bitches as if that is something to be proud of! Sort of like a contest, I am better at B-I-T-C-H than

Empress is a professional organization with members who raise the highest quality animals in the world. We need to stop tearing each other down. That extends to nonmembers.

The discussions many times are so hurtful. We look at a computer screen and see words. We don’t see the person. When we contradict them we don’t see their face turn red.  We don’t see them purse their lips as they fire back a response defending what they meant. They don’t see us, determined to show them! Determined to have the last word, so we fire back and this time add how could you be so stupid. We don’t see the
face – only a computer screen. It is cold… it has no emotion… what does it matter what we say.

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